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Treat yourself to a little luxury…you deserve it

With its spacious lobby and cool vibes, Royal Reserve on the Kenyan Coast is a resort away from the city providing unique accommodation, dining and event options

Azure Waters and You

An intimate experience with breathtaking Ocean views and exemplary culinary created and served moments from the water accompanied by uninterrupted views of of rising if the Sun.

White and salty sands

Welcome to a calm and inviting ambience, with outstanding views of the Kenyan Coast, the beach and the clear blue Indian Ocean. We offer a rich selection of facilities and amenities to our guests at Royal Reserve, although please note that some may incur an additional fee.

Pure culinary artistry

Add flavor to your holidays and experience unforgettable dining at our restaurants. You can chose to dine overlooking the sparkling Waters of the Indian Ocean or amidst lush Gardens at the Royal Reserve.